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If you take a look around you, wherever you may be, the entire planet is like a supermassive art project. ​​
Everything is governed by design in one way or another. There is shape and form to most of what surrounds us. Our environment consists of patterns and textures that influence our everyday lives, in ways most pay little, to no attention to. Society is moving so fast in today's world, the simple beauties are often overlooked.
My everyday life consists of intently studying these features of our environment. The balance between nature and structure. The flow of energy in a population. The way society maintains itself, or at best, gives it an honest effort. This world we live in is so diverse, in so many ways. Some shine with beauty while others hold flaws, none the less, they contribute to what makes and breaks our world.
I am proud to be one of many whom observe these interactions through artistic eyes. My appreciation and respect for this ability are greater than anything I could fathom. My love for the art is everlasting, and one of the strongest forces I've come to endure. This is my life.

Peace and Love.

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